Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge a fee?

No – the cost of the holiday is based on what the tour operator, hotel, or airline charges, similar to how traditional travel agencies operate. 

Why use Alison's Travel?

My goal is to provide a more personalized and enjoyable service for my clients. Many people seek our help because they find it difficult to plan the type of trip they want on their own, or because they need guidance on where to go and need some inspiration.

After the holiday, I follow up with each client to hear about their experiences and gather feedback. This helps me stay informed about the properties and destinations I offer and understand what my clients may be interested in for future holidays.

Examples of Holidays you have booked?

We have booked a range of holidays that vary from Cruises to the Carribean, Ski trips in Europe and Winter holidays in the USA!

Where would you recommend for 2023?

With the impact of COVID-19 lessening across the world, it is the perfect time to book a holiday. With more resorts and countries easing their restrictions, there are a variety of locations that we can discuss with you.

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